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Totally true.

Dorothy Zbornak
As my girlfriend said a few monts ago about Russian sites/communities (this one included too, of course), ~ 'Their lost and my gain.'

You are my gain too, love.

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Drill/Hardbroom (The Worst Witch).

Dorothy Zbornak
I found a great avatar with OTP (Imogen Drill/Constance Hardbroom from The Wirst Witch TV Series).
Made by Rebecca a.k.a. witch-in-a-bonnet.tumblr.com

Beyond perfection (Imogen :heart:)

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Girl Maggie!!! You did not saw it!

Dorothy Zbornak
I have remembered what some Maggie's fans want see girl Maggie. I found it!!!

Girl Maggie in my main Tumblr.
Reblogged from Dame Maggie Daily (my fan Tumblr about Maggie Natalie Smith).

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